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Authentic Advice For Life

Authentic Advice For Life

We specialize in helping professionals, executives, business owners, retirees and their families enhance their wealth, receive lifetime income they can trust and protect the people they cherish.

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The first goal your financial plan should be to avoid outliving your money

Growing, preserving and protecting your wealth are our fundamental priorities. We provide answers to your most important financial questions. Will your retirement income be enough to maintain your current lifestyle? Is your estate protected for future generations? Will your wealth last for your lifetime and the lives of those you love and cherish? Now, more than ever, you deserve a relationship built on a commitment to serve you.

R Scott Maxwell Financial empowers our clients with clear, straight forward answers to their most complex challenges. We help you discover what matters most in your life. Together we build a plan that acknowledges where you are today, charts a course for where you want to go and provides guidance throughout your journey.

Scott has been routinely interviewed and featured on KXII Fox News 12 Good Day, KTEN NBC Channel 10 morning news and DFW CBS 11 news.

Texas Monthly magazine awarded Scott the prestigious 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager: Best in Client Satisfaction.

Wealth Growth and Protection

A comprehensive, academically-based investment philosophy designed to make your goals possible.

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Secure Income for Life

Protect your lifestyle, your retirement and your peace of mind with income designed to last a lifetime

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Caring for Those You Love

We can help you plan and prepare for the unexpected and take care of those you love.

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Receive a complimentary copy of our e-book. 

Receive a complimentary copy of our e-book. 

The Wealth Solution: Bringing Structure to Your Financial Life offers a compelling new way to think about your wealth, investing and your financial future.

It offers a clear roadmap to help you navigate all aspects of your financial life and answer the key question: “What should I be doing with my money to provide the life I want most?”

The Wealth Solution will show you how to:

   • Invest with greater confidence
   • Better protect your financial future
   • Create a comprehensive, actionable wealth plan
   • Plan a meaningful and lasting legacy

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