A retired executive wanting answers and seeking an investment and lifetime income plan he could trust

A retired executive living off savings from lifetime of work. Married to his wife of over 50 years. Two adult children and two grandchildren. He had built substantial retirement assets to fund the lifestyle he and his wife had always dreamed of enjoying in retirement.

He hired a broker after retirement and was sold several non-traded funds, a number of proprietary funds supported only by his broker and several high yield bond funds that proved to be extremely risky and lost value over time. Despite the fact his funds declined in value and were very volatile, his concerns were overlooked and he was told to simply “hang in there, everything should workout.”

He came R Scott Maxwell seeking answers to his questions about his poor performance and wondering how he could build an investment and lifetime income plan he could trust.

Our first priority was to define the lifestyle and priorities the couple wanted to enjoy throughout their lives together.

We then analyzed their current investments and discovered they were sold “products” that were more expensive than they realized, were full of risks they did not want and that there was a high probability they would not receive the lifetime income they needed, expected and were promised.

We built a new financial plan together. They now have an investment portfolio that matches their return objectives and their personal comfort level. They also have a protected lifetime income plan they can trust.

Both of them now feel happy with a new investment plan they understand and trust. The also feel protected because of their lifetime income checks and comfortable while they enjoy travel, golf and their time together.