A recently retired husband and still working wife navigating their transition to retirement and needing help planning their life together once they both retire.

A newly retired professional in his early 60s. Wife is still working with plans to retire within five years. They were savers during their working years and she will continue to contribute to her 401(k) plan to build money for their retirement together.

Both were unsure how much retirement income they could enjoy, when she could retire and how to protect and grow the money they spent a lifetime saving within their company sponsored plans.

Together we evaluated and defined their lifestyle needs and priorities for the next 30 years. We also established a timeline for when she could comfortable join her husband in retirement.

The result of our ongoing work together is a plan tailored to their unique comfort level, their time frame and their objectives for the remainder of their lives. They have investment portfolios in their joint account and in their IRA accounts they believe in and can trust because of the work and research of eleven Nobel Laureates we listen to in building our investment plans. They also now have a protected lifetime income plan designed to keep up with inflation and protect their purchasing power.

They both feel harmony in their relationship because they understand their plan and joined together as a team to prepare for their future. He is relaxed and free to spend most days enjoying his toddler grandchild, researching his love of wine and organizing their next great adventure. She enjoys work more than ever because she knows she can retire on her own terms and in her own timing.

They both are excited by their newfound financial stability that has opened up a world of opportunities they look forward to enjoying together.