A newly divorced woman worried about her children, her finances and her future

A newly divorced woman in her early 50’s with children in college and in high school. She was left on her own by her ex-husband and she had no idea how to properly plan and invest for her current needs or her future needs once the kids were grown and she was completely on her own. She received a divorce settlement that included cash, child support and her ex-husband paying monthly income for a limited time.

She was very concerned about meeting her living expense needs now and in the future, about paying for college, about the potential her ex-husband would stop making support payments and that her monthly alimony income could evaporate if something tragic happened to him.

We worked together with her to define what she would need while her children were under her care and what she wanted for her future lifestyle once the kids were grown and on their own. We implemented a portfolio investment strategy and an income plan that would allow her to focus on raising her children and then support her for the rest of her life.

We also asked important questions about her greatest concerns and uncovered a way to protect her (at no additional costs to her) and provide financial security if something should happen to her ex-husband. We established a new life insurance policy on her ex-husband that would provide for her and the kids if something bad happened to him. Sadly, loss did indeed enter their lives again. He came down with cancer and died a few years later. The life insurance death benefit was the lifeline she needed, right when she needed it the most.

She is holding up well. She has the financial freedom to focus on her children. She can also look ahead and know that her financial future remains bright because she has investments she understands and a protected lifetime income plan she trusts.